In Memory of



Obituary for Willair Michel

In the loving Memory
Willair Michel

Born on may 22 1946, in Grande-Rivière-du-Nord, Haiti
Was a devoted husband and a loving father and grandfather
Was a life long devoted catholic and enjoyed many services
Was an excellent role model for so many of us
He had such an incredible personality and spirit
He was the best father
He was always in a good mood, enjoying life. Always tellings jokes and making people laugh
He loved his family and friends and being around people, he never wanted to be alone,
welcoming everyone into his home; his door was always open
He cooked and feed them, making them happy
He made incredible sacrifices to live his life long as a cook
He was well known for his special dish at Holliday Inn
When he left Haiti, he went to Canada to seek for better opportunities
After a few months, he left Canada for the United States, that’s were he started his career as a chef
Willair used to love to cook, people would always come around the house to taste his food
He won many awards at his jobs for best chef of the year.