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Obituary for Gloria V. Wilson

Gloria V.Y. Wilson
Born in Jamaica, W.I. All who knew her in Jamaica, called her, Yvonne, Vannie, Miss Lee, Mrs, Wilson, and of course her husband called her Mumsie.
Migrated to New York in her late 40’s and now had to use her correct first name, Gloria, and over her lifetime, picked up a few more: Santa, Little G, Granny, Miss Chin, Maria, and most recently, Gee Gee.
Moved to Florida in 1985, now in her early 50’s, with three teenage kids in school and after a few months of juggling work at Select Health Care Agency, and studies at Keiser University, proudly achieved a CNA certificate. Her employer supported her achievement and was very confident in her her natural capabilities and her dedicated service to everyone she cared for, until her retirement.
Mom mommy, ma..ama…that is who she was!’ Always smiling, even when she felt sad or in pain, escaped into one of her other passion, Reggae, Calypso and Country music, dancing and rocking to the beat, or simply singing to her favorite church songs during the Sunday radio Service while working diligently on either a crochet or plastic canvas project as she decided on who would receive the finished project for their Christmas gift. … And if anyone mentioned pregancy, family or friend,…oh boy, whatever project she was working on stopped so she could start crocheting a baby blanket booty set to be delivered before the birth. Project planning for the Holidays began from early in the year so gifts would be ready in time. Miss Gloria, as she was called by her hematologist’s office staff, made sure individual gifts for everyone were delivered on time, with a smile.
Favorite daytime and other special evening shows, made all the difference in her daily routine. She stayed on schedule, enjoying every moment, while staying on top of the news! On any given day, as time would allow, she was ready and willing to talk about the ‘old times, her younger years’ (very interesting history lessons about our deceased relatives), and the many struggles she experienced and overcame with the love, devotion and confidence which her Grandmother, (Gran Gran,) instilled in her, a trait she passed on to each of us..
All of her relatives, near and far, can attest to receiving a “how are you doing” phone call as frequently as she was able…needed to keep in touch was important.
Loved visiting tourist attractions and going on vacation trips, even if for only for one day. Visited Germany, Austria, Eifel Tower and cruised to the Bahamas, with anticipation of going on another cruise.
Mom knew how to have fun, was fun to be with, a greatdancer; was easy to talk to and joke with, even when laying down the law.
In the end, Gloria was a trooper, a very pleasant, kind, loving person, always ready to greet with a genuine smile and thank you.
Mom, we are forever grateful for your unconditional love and guidance. We will continue to honor you as you will live on in our hearts forever!